Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Keith McHenry of Food Not Bombs on economic collapse and Trump false flag; James Hufferd on "top 12 negative habits of mind"

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Today's show features two notable American grassroots activists.

Arrested for giving away food
First half hour: Keith McHenry is the founder of Food Not Bombs, one of the all-time greatest activist efforts ever. The idea is beautifully simple: Give away free food in public places to hungry people, while educating folks about the misdirection of resources toward the military-industrial complex. This concept is so dangerous that Keith has been arrested over 100 times – and sometimes severely beaten and badly injured – simply for giving away food!

In this interview we discuss the escalating governmental harassment of Food Not Bombs; the likelihood of another 2008 (1929?) style economic implosion; the possibility that the Trump regime, and the neocons behind it, will orchestrate another huge 9/11 style false flag to misdirect people's anger towards a convenient scapegoat; Keith's grandfather John Vanderpoole Phelan's role in the firebombing of Tokyo and the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (and his support of FDR's Pearl Harbor deception); and more. Kevin urges listeners to support Food Not Bombs, and mentions his plan to organize a Muslim spin-off.

Second half-hour: Historian James Hufferd, Ph.D. runs Iowa 9/11 truth and 911grassroots.org, which gets updated with 20+ stories per day. In this interview we discuss his list of 12 disappointing habits of mind that he increasingly sees in today's world. We also exchange slightly different views about Trump.
James Hufferd at home

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kevin Barrett interviewed on Woodstock radio 104.1 FM with Steve Romine

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Woodstock, New York – famous for the 1969 rock festival – is also the home of Woodstock Truth Squad, hosted by Steve Romine, which broadcasts on Woodstock 104.1 Community Radio. In this interview Steve and Kevin discuss Kevin's background and history in the 9/11 truth movement; the history of false flags; Left Forum censorship; the demolition of the World Trade Center; the banking scam that rules the world; the secret history of Saudi-Wahhabi terrorism in service to the British, American and Israeli empires; and more.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Byron Belitsos on 9/11 TIs and the metaphysical reality of evil; Kevin asks Jim Fetzer "Who's the 'notorious holocaust denier'"?

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First 40 minutes: Byron Belitsos is the founder of Origin Press. He became a 9/11 truth movement activist after publishing Jim Marrs' book  Inside Job in 2004.   Byron has also been student of theology – he has studied in seminary in the Graduate Theological Union (Franciscan School of Theology) in Berkeley, and is currently researching theological approaches to the metaphysics of evil.

In this interview we discuss directed energy weapons attacks on 9/11 truth activists, then segue into a theological conversation on the metaphysics of evil.

Byron Belitsos is also the author of Weapons of Mass Coercion: The Hidden Use of Energy Weapons, HAARP, and Chemtrails for Political Control and Your Evolving Soul.

Final 20 minutes: Jim Fetzer interviews Kevin Barrett on Bnai Brith's call to have Kevin banned from Canada, on the specious and libelous grounds that Kevin is supposedly a "notorious holocaust denier."  Jim asserts that the "Holy Trinity of Holocaust Orthodoxy" – a bureacratically-administered extermination plan, millions killed in hydrogen cyanide gas chambers, and six million murdered Jews – is demonstrably false. Kevin says has not yet done enough research to know what the truth is, but does know that when historians are sent to prison rather than refuted, one suspects they might be on to something. (Only an idiot would deny that!)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lucy Morgan Edwards on the catastrophic occupation of Afghanistan

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Lucy Morgan Edwards spent six years in Afghanistan  – before and after 9/11 and the US invasion. She has worked for the UN in Kandahar under the Taliban government, served as political advisor to the EU ambassador in Kabul, monitored the 2002 Loya Jirga election, written for the Economist and Daily  Telegraph, and lived extensively with the leading Jalalabad tribal family of Abdul Haq and Haji Qadir. With all of this on-the-ground experienced, she was ideally situated to see how and why the West's 9/11-triggered invasion of Afghanistan was a "dead on arrival" catastrophe. The result is her brilliant book The Afghan Solution: The Inside Story of Abdul Haq, the CIA and How Western Hubris Lost Afghanistan

Lucy Morgan Edwards in Afghanistan
Since publishing The Afghan Solution in 2011, Lucy Morgan Edwards has looked more closely at the events of September 11th 2001 and concluded that the 9/11 truth movement is correct in calling it a false flag operation. This has led her to revisit parts of her analysis. Did the West ever intend to foster a stable, democratic, human rights respecting government in Afghanistan, as advertised? Or is the death, destruction, suffering, drug-dealing and chaos all part of the plan for a permanent US military occupation at the expense of the Afghan people, with orchestrated "Islamic extremism" serving as the  Orwellian pretext for the US boot stamping on the Afghan face forever?

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Brendon O'Connell on Israeli Talpiot program and 9/11 – and much more

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Australian activist Brendon O'Connell was arrested and jailed in 2009, and imprisoned until 2014 for supposedly making "anti-Semitic" statements in a public confrontation with a Zionist.  Physically abused in prison – at one point his arm was broken – Brendon has not curtailed his hard-hitting commentary and is currently living in Malaysia.

In this two-hour interview we begin with Operation Talpiot, "The IDF's Most Elite Unit," which Wikipedia describes as "an elite Israel Defense Forces (IDF) training program, for recruits who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in the sciences and leadership potential. Graduates of the Talpiot program pursue double higher education while serving in the army, and then utilize their expertise to further IDF research and development in technological leadership positions."

Brendon argues that Talpiot was a key agency, if not THE key agency, behind 9/11. He writes:

This whole Talpiot thing goes so deep. When I first raised it with authorities in 2009 they tore down every single news story I put in a hearing document for the court - all of them. Now they have them all back up and books have been written like it's all just "normal". I expect documentaries and movies will talk about it in the story line. "Nothing to hide here". Like they did with HAARP - where is was "Deadly Force In Use" - then when the public started filming, they began tours.

We also discuss a wide range of issues including freemasonry and occultism, religion and spirituality, and much more.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bonnie Faulkner interviews Kevin Barrett on Manchester false flag, Left Forum censorship

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Bonnie Faulkner hosts the Pacific show Guns and Butter – and doesn't shy away from the red pill issues we cover here at Truth Jihad Radio. As she puts it: "Guns and Butter investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics. Maintaining a radical perspective in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, Guns and Butter reports on who wins and who loses when the economic resources of civil society are diverted toward global corporatization, war, and the furtherance of a national security state."

In this interview, recorded May 29th shortly after the Manchester false flag and before the Left (Out) Forum, Bonnie asks the hard questions and I do my best to answer them.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Maisoon Rice on British elections, Rolf Lindgren on Trump v. Comey, Scott Bennett on Middle East crisis

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First hour: Maisoon Rice is a British Muslim blogger from a Palestinian-Pakistani background. She is beloved in some circles, and notorious in others, for her hard-hitting interventions on Zionism, Jewish identity politics, and more. (Maisoon managed to get herself banned from the George Galloway show – which makes her an ideal guest on free-speech-loving Truth Jihad Radio!) In this episode we will discuss yesterday's British elections, as discussed in my new article: False Flags Backfire in Britain – Voters Repudiate Lying Establishment.

Second hour: Rolf Lindgren joins us to discuss the Trump v. Comey brouhaha. Rolf, formerly a Libertarian activist, is now a Trump-supporting Republican, which means there should be plenty of sparks!

Final half hour: Whistleblowing ex-insider Dr. Scott Bennett, formerly of the U.S. Army 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, breaks down the accelerating crisis in the Middle East. Scott writes:

"With the recent terrorist attacks upon Iran by Wahhabi inspired fanatics (most likely from Saudi Arabia, Israel, and trained by the U.S. CIA and Britain’s MI6), the cutting of ties with Qatar by Saudi Arabia suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. This cutting of ties with Qatar was meant as a pre-emptive strike that would distract Iran from the terrorist attack that would be launched days later. This attack of course was meant to try and provoke Iran into a counter-attack against Saudi Arabia, in order to justify the entry of the U.S. into a defense of Saudi Arabia.
      Clearly, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has declared diplomatic war against Qatar and is waging a psychological warfare campaign against them in an effort to turn Qatar against Iran and Yemen. Saudi Arabia, and specifically the ruling Wahhabi Government regime, has sought to hide both its leadership role and its anti-Shia religious purpose in this act by pressuring other countries--Egypt, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and others--to also cut diplomatic ties. This act was not only known, but perhaps even planned and orchestrated, by the Saudi Intelligence Services, the American Central Intelligence Agency and State Department, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the British MI6, and the Israeli Mossad. It’s essential to note that this act of diplomatic war was not initiated by the people of Saudi Arabia, nor was it done as an act of protest against Qatar’s financing of Wahhabi terrorists, mercenaries, Al Qaeda and ISIS, since the Saudi Arabian royal family has been the largest financier of Wahhabi Sunni Islamic terrorism around the world. This cutting of ties was done as a pre-emptive attack upon Qatar, and was to serve as a warning that if Qatar did not fully join the Saudi Arabian agenda of attacking all Shia communities, then they would suffer the same fate as Syria and Libya."