Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gary Franchi of Restore the Republic; Stephen Lendman, author of How Wall Street Fleeces America

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 9/28/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Peymon and Steve interview Gary Franchi of, the freedom movement group founded by the late, great Aaron Russo.

Second hour: Stephen Lendman discusses his brand-new book How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War. One of America's most insightful and prolific alternative journalists, Stephen Lendman also conveniently hosts his radio show on the three days I don't have a show! So if you're bored on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with no Kevin Barrett to listen to, tune in to Steve's

The Progressive Radio News Hour

Listen Live Thursday, 10AM CT and Saturday & Sunday, noon CT on PRN for cutting-edge discussions with noted guests on major world and national issues. Archived Shows.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gilad Atzmon provokes firestorm, joins Truth Jihad Radio on Rosh Hashanah!

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 9/28/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) two-hour special!

Guest for both hours: Gilad Atzmon, Israeli-born saxophonist and author whose terrific new book The Wandering Who? has drawn a blitzkrieg of attacks not only from the usual zio-nazi suspects like Jeffrey Goldberg...but also from certain self-styled peaceniks and pro-Palestinians. The common thread is that the attacks on Atzmon are as vitriolic as they are moronic. (Watch John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago annihilate Goldberg.)

Atzmon's book is a blistering critique of Jewish identity politics - in his view the real source of Zionism's ongoing atrocities - and it's clear that he has touched a very raw nerve.

The Wandering Who? is not just for Jews, and its critique of identity politics has implications extending far beyond the boundaries of Jewishness. Gilad Atzmon is the Moses of our time, calling all of us out of the Egypt of our boneheaded nationalisms and racialisms and exceptionalisms and chosen-people-isms toward some form of humanistic universalism. My own is Islamic: One God, one humanity.

Gilad's work is, among other things, a reminder to let religion be religion, and to prevent it from devolving into secular identity politics - one of the worst possible forms of idolatry. For God is the ultimate Other, and an orientation of absolute surrender to God (the correct orientation, the prophets tell us) amounts to an attitude of complete openness to the Other. Secular identity politics offers the opposite: A badly-disguised worship of self. The idolatrous self-worship of "The Jewish People," invented 200 years ago as a poor substitute for Judaism, created the blindness towards the Other that sparked the ongoing holocaust in Palestine. Gilad Atzmon mercilessly dissects this process, and opens the door to the kind of openness toward the Other, and the universal ethics of love, kindness and compassion that grow out of such openness, that could solve the problem in Occupied Palestine - and a whole lot of other places as well.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jim Dean of Veterans Today: Erdogan was waiting to clean Zionists out of Turkish military before breaking with Israel

Tuesday, Sept. 27th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Last week Imran Kurter discussed Turkey's recent turn against Israel. Today we'll get another angle on this historic shift from Jim Dean, Managing Editor of Veterans Today. Jim writes:

A light went on when I just couldn't figure why Erdogan was soft shoeing the Israelis after the Marmara as a lack of action would seem to me to have weakened his base. But I had missed all the high officer arrests that had been going on, starting with the major round up in Feb 24th, 2010. Erdogan was still cleaning out the Israeli wing in the military which he could expect to definitely make a move on him with a major break with Israel. He arrested their armed forces Intel chief around Sept. 1st...and he really put things into gear after that. Missing in my research on the military arrests, were the military 'suicides' that were also going on. Here is the Turkey part of...which got dragged out do for three days as it was a moving target.

We'll also discuss the ongoing drama over UN recognition of Palestine...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Joshua Blakeney, Veterans Today respond to Mossad-ADL assault!

Truth Jihad Radio this week:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is supposed to fight prejudice and bigotry. Yet it operates mainly as a defender of the world's last remaining officially racist state. In fact, it might as well be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mossad. The ADL's real motto is: "By way of defamation thou shalt do war."

Recently, the ADL defamed me and three writers for Veterans Today: Gordon Duff, Alan Sabrosky, and Jim Fetzer. As the only one of the four not working for Veterans Today, I was flattered at being singled out. I was also impressed that Veterans Today had earned such an accolade from Foxman. Obviously VT, a pro-9/11-truth operation which is now reaching a huge audience, is making certain people very uncomfortable. So I decided that as long as I'm being lumped with the VT crew I might as well go to work for VT myself. Hey, I AM a veteran of the 9/11 truth wars, right?

In honor of the occasion, this week my radio show will feature some of Veterans Today's leading writers. Monday it's Joshua Blakeney, who was just attacked by a Mossad agent; Tuesday Jim Dean, Associate Editor of VT, will discuss his forthcoming scoop about how Erdogan had to clean out Israeli agents from the top ranks of the Turkish military before announcing Turkey's break with Israel; Wednesday the inimitable Gilad Atzmon joins me for two full hours of music and conversation; and Friday I'll speak with VT's most prolific author, Stephen Lendman, about his brilliant new book How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion, and Class War.

* * *

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 9/19/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Queen Elizabeth II Award-winning 9/11 scholar Joshua Blakeney just won two more big awards: He was congratulated by the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Lethbridge for winning a slot at Veterans Today; and then bashed by Mossad agent Michael Ross for winning so many awards and accolades. (When Mossad agents start crawling out from under their rocks to bash you in national newspapers, you know you've arrived.)

What's really hilarious about the ADL/Mossad offensive against Veterans Today is the praise they're heaping on us while they try to defame us. Foxman's original hit piece was actually rather complimentary; it called us the "most popular" people talking about evidence of Zionist/Israeli involvement in 9/11, and had nothing very bad to say about us. Mossadnik Michael Ross, likewise, has nothing very bad to say about Joshua Blakeney; on the contrary, he says Joshua is "heading for the top of the class" in the 9/11 truth world - an evaluation I would heartily endorse. Joshua, have you asked Ross if you can put his comments on your resumé?

Joshua will also discuss Cheney's upcoming visit to Calgary (rumors of a citizens' arrest attempt are swirling) as well as his recent Veterans Today articles.

Second hour: Whistleblower Mark Novitsky makes his debut on Truth Jihad radio! He writes: "I have been on the receiving end of illegal Domestic Electronic Surveillance since April of 2002... As a result of an illegal / abusive legal attack upon me by my former employer / substantial Tele-Services ECRM govt. contractor Tele Tech Holdings. I blew the whistle on this almost a decade ago!" Mark has been in and out of court fighting his former employer, and on the receiving end of some serious abuse from the deep state.

He is one of many who think something fishy is going on at the Denver Airport: "My former criminal employer / Govt. Contractor Tel Tech Holdings (TTEC) is headquartered in Denver so I flew there a few times and with family. DIA immediately struck me as disturbing...from the bizarre Satan Horse out front to the sick murals and gargoyles (since removed) and I noticed the HUGE amount of dirt being moved / removed (ODD...for being built on the top of a FLAT plateau) Massive ROWS of berm after berm after berm of dirt....seemingly 12-20 feet tall & blocks long 40-100 rows deep. -- Nuff said...for now."

And in his latest email: "I made a new friend at Wednesday nights BUSH fundraiser at the Beth El Synagogue...Lawyer (name deleted) who delivered a U.S.vs Bush etal indictment to MN AG (name deleted). We spoke a little about mutual concerns and today I was asked to attend an ex post facto select meeting (7 on 7) between the upper echelon Synagouge elites that thought it was a good idea to sponsor a War criminal fundraiser. (After a recent Condi Rice event) -- SO...if you have any specific questions you want me to ask let me know. I plan on asking about their gracious "forgive and forget" attitude for someone who's grandfather was reportedly a BIG Adolf Hitler fan / supporter and wanted to model that type of fascism here in the U.S. And perhaps something like bringing up the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES...hypothetically...Given the holocaust...if you knew of a cataclysmic event designated to eliminate much of the World's people...would they do something about it? -- Let me know about Monday... Maybe we can talk about with all that is going on...where is everybody...this ain't the 60's...WHY?"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tony Farrell, honest anti-terror cop, joins TJ Radio today!

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 9/19/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Peymon and Steve
plus mystery guest...

Second hour: Kevin interviews T
ony Farrell, the whistle-blowing British police intelligence analyst (Principle Intelligence Analyst for the South Yorkshire Police) fired for writing an annual report on the "terror threat" exposing the 9/11 and 7/7 inside jobs. We'll get an update on Tony Farrell's employment discrimination court case, which poses the question: If you fire an anti-terror cop for going after the real terrorists, are you committing religious discrimination against people whose religious beliefs require them to be truthful, honest, and upright?

* * *
Petition for the reinstatement of Tony Farrell, Principal Intelligence Analyst, South Yorkshire Police.

(to be posted to


In July 2010, Tony Farrell, the Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police reviewed available evidence for his annual threat assessment against the people of South Yorkshire, England. He came to the conclusion that it was less likely that the events of 9/11 and 7/7 were al-Qaeda terrorist attacks than ‘false flag’ terrorist operations carried out by the intelligence services of western governments. As the alleged al-Qaeda attack in the UK had been largely planned in Yorkshire, and his annual threat assessment took into account the local threat from terrorism to the people of South Yorkshire, he reported his concerns to senior officers. He asked for time to produce a new assessment that included the threat from western intelligence services as well as al-Qaeda.

His commitment to professional standards at South Yorkshire Police that he must ‘not knowingly make any false, misleading or inaccurate written statements’ was reinforced by a religious belief that he ‘must not bear false witness’. When senior police officers would not give him additional time to revise his threat assessment, he refused to sign off the annual threat assessment on the basis that it would be misleading.

Senior police officers suspended, and later dismissed, Tony Farrell from his job on the grounds of ‘incompatible beliefs’. At the internal appeal hearing by South Yorkshire Police, the chair stated: ‘Your views are very sincere and you may be right but it is, I’m afraid, incompatible at the moment with where we are’ (Mr Hiller, Director of Finance, South Yorkshire Police, 2nd September 2010). Later, at his appeal on 6th October 2010, and again at the Employment Tribunal in September 2011, Mr Littlejoy (chair of the appeal panel) claimed that Tony Farrell’s views were ‘conspiracy theories invented without any evidence’ and that they were ‘outlandish’.

On the 9th September 2011, the Sheffield Employment Tribunal Service upheld the decision of South Yorkshire Police to dismiss Tony for ‘incompatible beliefs’ even though it surfaced in evidence that no police officer, no intelligence analyst, no police manager, and nobody on the appeal panel had checked the evidence that led Tony Farrell to revise his threat assessment. The Employment Tribunal panel refused to accept written works from Professor Ray Griffin and Dr Rory Ridley-Duff to rebut Mr Littlejoy’s claims that Tony Farrell’s ‘outlandish’ views had no evidence base.

This petition invites citizens, residents, workers and visitors to the UK to make an official complaint against the police service and employment tribunal service on the basis that this employment tribunal decision will affect them. At the employment tribunal , the Head of HR at South Yorkshire Police (Stephanie Barker) answered the question “are you saying that any person holding those views in South Yorkshire Police would not be able to work for them?”. She stated “Yes, that is the case.” (Statement based on the verbatim notes taken by a researcher). Therefore, not only is it the official policy of South Yorkshire Police to remove from the police service any person who questions the government account of the terrorist threat, the Employment Tribunal Service is now upholding decisions if they dismiss people on these grounds. The police service now has a legally sanctioned right to dismiss staff and officers who question the truthfulness of the government’s account of the events of 7/7 or 9/11.

This being the case, any person involved in legal proceedings on account of their beliefs on 7/7 and 9/11 cannot expect an independent, impartial investigation by the police service in either civil or criminal cases. All police staff who might be inclined to conduct impartial investigations into matters related to 7/7 or 9/11 will now fear dismissal. No member of the public who surfaces evidence of criminal activity related to 7/7 or 9/11 will be able to go to the police for an independent investigation because police will be dismissed if they question the official account.

Furthermore, the tribunal decision allows any employer to dismiss staff if they question the events of 7/7 and 9/11 in the course of their work on the basis that such beliefs are ‘incompatible’ with those of their employer. All working people in the United Kingdom are now at risk if they discuss government involvement in the events of 7/7 or 9/11 within the context of their work. As a result of this decision, no employee can expect fair treatment from the Employment Tribunal Service if their employer claims that their views on 7/7 and 9/11 are ‘incompatible’ with their work.

The signatories to this petition believe there can be no place in the police service or Employment Tribunal Service for people who reach conclusions in their professional work without properly considering the quality and quantity of available evidence available, and who show contempt for employees whose role at work depends on their commitment to establishing the truth.

Therefore, this petition seeks two things:

1) The reinstatement of Tony Farrell to his position of Principal Intelligence Analyst so that he can complete his work on revising the threat assessment against the people of South Yorkshire based on a full appraisal of currently available intelligence.

2) To suspend and – if necessary - prosecute any person in South Yorkshire Police and the Employment Tribunal Service who knowingly failed to give full consideration to available evidence before confirming the dismissal of Tony Farrell, or who has knowingly colluded in obscuring, hiding or distorting the truth about 7/7 and 9/11 in the course of their professional work.

Signing this petition will trigger an official complaint to Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Employment Tribunal Service.

Please sign this petition if you are (or have been) a citizen, resident or visitor to the United Kingdom and agree with the views expressed above. If you are outside the UK, you can show your support by reading the summation at the conclusion of Tony Farrell’s employment tribunal and contributing to the Tony Farrell Appeal Fund (

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today on TJ Radio: Toronto Hearings, Israeli Spying on U.S.

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 9/19/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Rolf Lingren discusses new developments in Ron Paul's campaign; then Jim Fetzer comes to to discuss his new article on the Wellstone assassination, as well as the Toronto Hearings. (9/11 scholar Joshua Blakeney ( ) has just published a very interesting critique of the Toronto 9/11 Hearings, and will join Truth Jihad Radio next week.)

Second hour: Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is executive director of the Council for the National Interest. His new article "Tapping the Israeli Embassy" continues his work exposing Israeli anti-US operations, which usually seem to be granted pre-emptive impunity:

What the FBI uncovered was a massive and highly focused campaign referred to by the Israelis as “perception management,” but which the CIA would refer to as a covert action. Much of the activity was illegal or incompatible with the role of foreign diplomats in the United States, which is why Leibowitz took action after his supervisors refused to proceed with prosecution. The focus was on Iran, with Israeli officials intent on preparing the American public for war against the mullahs. They were spreading disinformation on Iran’s nuclear program, promoting international sanctions, and trying to obtain Washington’s support for an ultimatum on the nuclear program as a final diplomatic gesture that would be turned down by Iran, leading to war with the U.S. playing the lead role...Leibowitz’s concern that the illegal activity would not be prosecuted by the Justice Department proved correct. No Israeli or American named in the extensive FBI investigative dossier has been in any way punished.

War with Iran would ruin the US, finishing the job the Zionists began with their 9/11 false-flag attack and subsequent war-on-Islam-for-Israel. So who are the real terrorists - the ones who blew up the three NYC skyscrapers, the ones out to destroy us, the ones who hate our freedoms?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Has Turkey turned against Israel? Imran Kurter of the Turkish-based Islamic democracy activist group Yeni Asya

Imran and yrs truly in Istanbul. Behind us: the Golden Horn, former home of the Ottoman Navy.

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Guest: Imran Kurter of Yeni Asya, the rapidly-growing Turkish-based Islamic democracy activist group, will discuss Turkey's new and unprecedented tough stand against Israel. As yesterday's guest Gordon Duff puts it:

Something doesn’t fit anymore. If this is the post 9/11 world Israel wanted, must they have lost their friggin’ minds? Turkey wants them dead. Saudi Arabia is, after years of silence, threatening the US over a potential veto of Palestinian statehood. Israel’s ambassador to Egypt, not so long ago, welcomed to Cairo like a hero, has fled the country. Libya’s oil cash will now be flowing into groups opposed to Israel, instead of the other way around. Israel hates Obama but the GOP, drowning in Israeli cash, has fielded with most moronic presidential candidates in history. Talk about being set up.

Israel's biggest post-9/11 loss may turn out to be Turkey's transformation from a secular-fascist friend of Zionism, to an Islamic-democratic enemy of Zionism. (The geniuses who decided to slaughter a bunch of unarmed activists on the Mavi Marmara, and then refuse to apologize, get much of the credit for that.)

Turkey is well-positioned to be a key power of the upcoming century. With its double-digit economic growth, land surface bigger than any European country, critically-important geo-strategic location, improving education and infrastructure, consistent movement toward the two ideological attractors of our age (democracy and Islam), and claim to primacy in the vast Turkic-speaking hinterland stretching from Europe to China, reports of the Ottoman Empire's death may turn out to have been greatly exaggerated.

* * *

My reports from Turkey:

Alternative journalists Gordon Duff (Veterans Today) and Mark Anderson (American Free Press) on Truth Jihad Radio

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 9/19/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Gordon Duff, senior editor at Veterans Today and former national security insider, has made VT a powerhouse of alternative journalism. With its stable of talented writers, a regular stream of leaks from high-level insiders, and Duff's own inimitable gonzo style, Veterans Today has become the kind of Veterans publication that former Stars-and-Stripes reporter Hunter S. Thompson, who was getting excited about 9/11 anomalies before his alleged suicide, would have enjoyed.

Recently I was the only non-Veterans-Today person named in Abe Foxman's ADL hit piece against the 9/11 truth movement - a high honor indeed, both for me and for Veterans Today.

Gordon's recent article Israel: The Real Victim of 9/11 Street Theatre? puts a whole new twist on the tired old "Israel as victim" bromide - and does it with impeccable timing, coming on the eve of this week's historic struggle over Palestinian statehood. Also don't miss his 9/11/11 tenth anniversary rant, his disturbing prognostication Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War, his suggestion that Obama is being held hostage in Chatter: Obama Sought Arrest of Bush and Cheney for 9/11 Treason and much more.

Second hour: Mark Anderson of American Free Press, who recently interviewed Jesse Ventura for a 9/11/11 article, and has reported on Bilderberg, the media's blackout of Ron Paul, and other topics.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Today's guest: 9/11 researcher-activist Barbara Honegger

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 9/16/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Peymon and Steve discuss Ron Paul, the economic crisis...and Peymon's recent two-day detention by Homeland Security!

Second hour: Barbara Honegger, highly-accomplished and -qualified 9/11 researcher-activist. Barbara holds an impressive position at one of America's top military postgraduate schools - but has gotten in trouble there due to her courageous research and activism, so I won't mention which one! (I'd hate to have her join me on the blacklist...)

While I was recently called the #3 truther in America (after Alex Jones and David Ray Griffin), I think Barbara probably deserves the position more than I do - and certainly deserves vastly more appreciation and publicity than she has so far received. She is a key researcher and expert on what happened at the Pentagon, paving the way for CIT, Enver Masud, and others, and was the only Pentagon researcher selected to present at the recent Toronto Hearings. She has also done very important research on the anthrax attacks, which were so integral a part of the 9/11 operation that we should really speak of the 9/11-anthrax attack. She is also the creative genius behind the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 truth and the WTC-7 Third Beam. In short, Barbara is the real deal. And her book October Surprise on Bush Sr.'s high treason during the 1980 elections is also a classsic.

Here are the links to the Toronto hearings:

Day 1

September 8, 2011 9:08 AM
Opening Remarks, James Gourley Intro
Lorie Van Auken Statement by Video

September 8, 2011 10:34 AM
Lance deHaven-Smith (part 1 is 3 min 20 secs long)
9/11 & State Crimes Against Democracy

September 8, 2011 10:45 AM
Lance deHaven-Smith (part 2)
9/11 & State Crimes Against Democracy

September 8, 2011 11:54 AM
Lance deHaven-Smith (part 3)
9/11 & State Crimes Against Democracy

September 8, 2011 1:03 PM
David Ray Griffin
Inadequacies of the 9/11 Commission’s Report

September 8, 2011 2:55 PM
Kevin Ryan
Inadequacies of the Reports by the National
Institute of Standards and Technology

Day 2

September 9, 2011 6:06 AM
Jay Kolar
The Alleged 9/11 Hijackers

September 9, 2011 7:56 AM
Paul Zarembka
Evidence of Insider Trading Before 9/11

September 9, 2011 10:12 AM
Barbara Honegger
Eyewitnesses and Evidence of Explosions at the Pentagon
Richard Gage - Evidence of the Demolition of WTC: An Overview
Michel Chossudovsky - Global Consequences of 9/11

September 9, 2011 2:19 PM
--> final words of Cynthia Mckinney
--> Audience Q&A
--> audio breakage throughout

Day 3

September 10, 2011 9:03 AM
Dr. Graeme MacQueen
Eyewitness Evidence of Explosions at WTC

September 10, 2011 7:45 AM
David Chandler
WTC 7: A Refutation of the Official Account

September 10, 2011 11:22 AM
Kevin Ryan
Extreme Temperatures
--> 00:51 - audio breaks off
--> 01:00 - audio returns
--> 02:19 - audio breaks off
--> 02:29 - audio returns
--> 02:45 - audio breaks off
--> 03:56 - audio returns

September 10, 2011 12:45 PM
Niels Harrit
Incendiary/Explosive Residue in the WTC Dust

Day 4

September 11, 2011 6:11 AM
David Ray Griffin
Anomalies of Flights 77 and 93

September 11, 2011 7:50 AM
Peter Dale Scott
9/11 and Deep State Politics

September 11, 2011 9:32 AM
WTC Dust Sample Demonstration
Chemist Neils Harrit
Moderator Mike Bondi
Camera Man Derrick Manwell

September 11, 2011 10:03 AM
Laurie Manwell
SCADs and Psychological Resistance to Alternative Accounts

September 11, 2011 11:07 AM
Sen. Mike Gravel
State Deception in the Past and Today

September 11, 2011 12:50 PM
Audience Q&A

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ellen Brown explains one HUGE motive for 9/11

Originally scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 13th, now rescheduled for Thursday Sept. 15th, 10-11 a.m. Central (11 a.m. Eastern) - ONE HOUR EARLIER THAN USUAL - on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Once again, the NoLiesRadio servers have been crashed right before my show - and come back on line immediately after show time. So this interview has been rescheduled for Thursday. Message to the bad guys: If you think this is going to somehow impede my efforts to bust your sorry asses, think again.

Guest: Journalist and author Ellen Brown, author of the currency-reform classic Web of Debt.

Recently I have been getting bashed by Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, who says I am among the "most popular" 9/11 truth figures who argue that Israel and its American supporters had a hand in 9/11. My old friend Elias Davidsson, who thinks 9/11 was a crime of US empire, not Zionism, wrote to question and challenge me.

In fact, my position is that Zionism and Israel are just one part of the puzzle. 9/11 was the crime of a certain global plutocracy, and building a one-word dictatorship of the financiers - not just maintaining and expanding Israel - appears to be their overarching motive. Zionists, US-empire-fanatics, military profiteers, social-control specialists and other bad guys all had their own motives for participating.

In her brand-new article War: The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort, Ellen Brown explains one of the key motives behind 9/11, which tripled the military budget:

After 9/11, the pop hit “War” was placed on the list of post-9/11 inappropriate titles distributed by Clear Channel.

Protesters have been trying to stop the military juggernaut ever since the end of World War II, yet the war machine is more powerful and influential than ever. Why? The veiled powers pulling the strings no doubt have their own dark agenda, but why has our much-trumpeted system of political democracy not been able to stop them?

The answer may involve our individualistic, laissez-faire brand of capitalism, which forbids the government to compete with private business except in cases of “national emergency.” The problem is that private business needs the government to get money into people’s pockets and stimulate demand. The process has to start somewhere, and government has the tools to do it. But in our culture, any hint of “socialism” is anathema. The result has been a state of “national emergency” has had to be declared virtually all of the time, just to get the government’s money into the economy.

Yet military spending is the worst possible way, from an economics standpoint, to pump money into an economy - which is why the economy has been dead in the water ever since 9/11 tripled the military budget. For details, visit Bob "Dr. Peace" Reuschlein's get out there and help expose 9/11, roll back the military, and rebuild our morally and fiscally bankrupt country.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Eric Sayward, Sean Wright & We Are Change on 9/11 events in NY and the latest truther, Sarah Palin

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 9/12/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

Special We Are Change show! Eric Sayward of We Are Change - Wisconsin interviews the leaders of national We Are Change on the weekend's New York events.

One of those leaders, Sean Wright, recently interviewed Sarah Palin and got her to call for a new 9/11 investigation!

Victor Thorn, Phil Restino on TJ Radio today!

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 9/9/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour:
Peymon Mottahedeh interviews Victor Thorn of WingTV, author of 9/11 on Trial, a 2005 courtroom-style brief for controlled demolition, and 9/11 Evil -- one of the few books to focus on the Israeli/Mossad connection to 9/ well as other books on Obama, the USS Liberty, and anarchism. Not to mention the terrific 9/11 truth insert he designed for Poker Face's Peace or War CD.

Second hour: Kevin Barrett interviews Phil Restino Chapter Co-Chair, Veterans for Peace (Ch. 136 - Central Florida). Phil Restino assisted with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's Third Beam project last year in New York City. Alongside the two beams in the sky symbolizing the Twin Towers, a third beam suddenly appeared, reminding New Yorkers about WTC-7, the smoking gun of 9/11.

Read Phil's terrific article Central Floridians remember WTC Building 7, published in the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth newsletter.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jim Dean on leaked Zionist "smear the delegitimizers" memo; David Ray Griffin's assistant Tod Fletcher on DRG's new book!

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 9/7/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Jim Dean, managing editor of Veterans Today, has obtained a leaked Zionist memo ordering the mobilization of Israel's assets in a smear campaign against so-called "delegitimizers" of Israel - meaning people like me who think Israel-Palestine should be one free and democratic state with no racist preferences for one ethnic group over another. Here are a couple of selections from the leaked memo:
92. Outing, naming and shaming the delegitimizers – As mentioned, delegitimizers operate uninterrupted and their initiatives are often practically unopposed. A central objective is to change this situation by forcing them to 'play defense.' This means systematically exposing information about delegitimizers, their activities, and the organizations that they operate out of. The goal is to eventually frame them, depending on their agendas, as anti-peace, anti-Semitic, dishonest purveyors of double standards. 97 PR and branding – There is little that we can add to what is already known on this point, except for urging a focus on negatively branding the other side, which is the desired outcome of the outing-naming-shaming campaign against the delegitimizers.

Professional smear-artist Abe Foxman of the ADL, one of the perhaps 300,000 criminals acting as illegal, unregistered agents of a foreign power here in the USA, apparently followed the orders of this memo when he libeled me, Gordon Duff, Alan Sabrosky, and Jim Fetzer, calling us the "most popular" advocates of the "antisemitic" notion that Israel had something to do with 9/11. High praise indeed!

Second hour: David Ray Griffin, the unofficial Dean of 9/11 Studies, has a new book out entitled 9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed. Since David has opted out of doing interviews this time, his assistant Tod Fletcher will join me to discuss 9/11 ten years later - a topic on all of our minds. (Note that the respected, peer-reviewed scholarly journal American Behavioral Scientist popularized the "state crimes against democracy" or "SCAD" meme by devoting a whole issue to the 9/11 inside job and similar crimes.


Zionist Secret Delegitimization Counter Plan Leaked to Veterans Today

by Jim W. Dean, VT editor

It's not often that we can share a leaked gem like this with our readers on a contemporary topic. For us old folks, getting our hands on older material is much easier...and safer. We have this full 66 page Reut Institute report available to you here.

Today I will be covering the introduction part of the report, a 'lay of the land' first article on this series on the innerworkings of Offensive International Zionism. When I got this report I recognized instantly that it would be the perfect entry point to build a series around. You will not be disappointed.

It is classic intelligence work to find out the plans of your enemy, and these people are everyone's enemy. Israel is no one's friend, never has been, and never had any intentions of such. For those of us who have been fighting Radical Zionism, Israeli state sponsored terrorism, and the well documented history of their 'lebensraum' (growing space) plans for Palestine, there is nothing new for us in this report. But it does provide a unique look behind the Wizard of Oz curtain.

The blush was off the Israeli rose with Steven Green's book, Taking Sides. He was the first to use the new Freedom of Information Act to publish the previously classified Intel documents we had on Israel. The material was so devastating that the Reagan administration considered prosecuting Green to scare others away from similar efforts, but because they had released the material to him they had not real grounds.

When I interviewed him years ago he told me the toughest part of it all was reducing it to one one, as he had found enough material to write ten books. Fortunately all of this material is still available at the Hoover Institute, where he donated most of his archives.

As a final insult to the American people the Reagan administration did 'reclassify' some of the most devastating material to hide it from the American people, despite it's already being in the public domain. That folks, is the contempt for the American people that you can find so often find in government. They are not hiding material to protect the public, but to hide their involvement in selling us out, which they correctly deduce would not have good consequences for them.

This internal treachery continues on to this day where are taxpayer funded security services refuse to warn the public about the extensive Israeli espionage activities that have been ongoing in America for decades. Their difficulty here is the embarrassment of exposing the deep infiltration Zionists and the Jewish hasbara Lobby have made into so many of our institutions, political, academic, media, military, law enforcement, and yes, even the Justice Department who refuses to prosecute high government officials for Israeli espionage.

As you read through this report I would ask you to pay attention to the effort these people have/are putting into keeping us all hostage. Look at how many people are involved, the positions they have, the funding, and the scope of the world wide effort. Then think of what you would find on the planet in terms of a counter effort from those of us in their cross hairs. It's pitiful, really...with no offense to our long time front line fighters.

When you look at the list of contributors, could you ever imagine seeing in your lifetime a similar type list of VIPs on a white paper named High Crimes and Misdeomenors: The History of Israeli Espionage in America? This folks, is the cork in the bottle to defeating the criminal international Zionism network.
I am just covering the introduction to the Reut report intoday's article to keep the length manageable. As a change of format I will do this like an Intel analysis report, desconstructing it paragraph by paragraph...the A,B,C's of doing this kind of work. This is a huge area of work and we will be doing an ongoing series as I expect the Zios to resist conversion to peace cohabitants of the planet.

Bottom line, the Zionism problem is a major national security threat to the United States that is not being addressed but our official national defense establishment. On the contrary, much of that has already been co-opted to assist the enemy.

All that is going on in terms of defending the homeland, I could only describe it as a guerrilla type is that bad. And it will never change if the American people don't raise holy hell. And if they don't, they will continue to get what will historically that they deserved due to their refusal to defend themselves.
The Reut Institute Report, Version A...November, 2010

This draft document is a product of concern, hope, and confidence. Concern because our analysis covering the years 2006-2009 led us to conclude that Israel is subject to a systemic and systematic assault on its political and economic model, which aims to precipitate its implosion. This campaign is inspired by the collapse of countries such as the Soviet Union and apartheid South Africa.

[Very profession propaganda here, going back to their tried and true well, of the 'Goyim are coming for us', the usual Zionist Doomsday manipulative framing, targeted offensively at Jews as much as it is non-Jews. Making Jews feel insecure who are living in places where they have double the family incomes and lowest crime victim rates really takes some major effort...JD]

This assault is executed by two forces acting in parallel and with cooperation. The first is the Resistance Network, led by Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah, that rejects Israel's right to exist based on Arab and Islamist nationalist-religious ideology. The second is the Delegitimization Network, which is primarily concentrated in a few major cities such as London, Brussels, and the San Francisco Bay Area, and denies Israel's right of existence based on political, philosophical, or historical arguments.

[Framing the discussion continued here. Notice the use of the word assault...a buzz word to tap into the decades of fear that their elites constantly imprint them with, so they will react accordingly when the right fear buttons are pressed. Interesting to see their victims described as a Resistance Network in capital letters mind you. Resistance forces do not really assault. They try to defend against those are assaulting them. The 'right to exist' is the Zio's usual twisting of what the real issue they have the right to continue doing what the defendants at Nuremberg where hanged for? That is the right that they are really fighting for...JD]

The assault has grown in sophistication and effectiveness to a point at which it should be treated as a strategic concern of potentially existential implications. However, it has been met by an under-resourced and uncoordinated local and situational response, and by an oblivious State of Israel.

[Second use of the word assault. ”…it should be treated as a strategic concern of potentially existential implications.” God save us all from the pointy heads who think and talk like this. They are a security threat to our ears. And then we have this totally bogus claim of an under-resourced and uncoordinated Jewish Lobby??? And Israel is oblivious??? Dear Reut, Do you really think we are so stupid as to believe this? Have you ever heard of something called the Jewish Lobby? Are you, heaven forbid...Jewish Lobby Deniers??? Have you ever heard of the Mossad???...JD]

Our hope stems from many concrete examples of mobilization toward a more thoughtful, concerted, well-resourced, effective, and efficient global and systemic offense against the delegitimization campaign. These are evident in responses generated by the Government of Israel, as well as those initiated by Jewish communities, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists, and activists worldwide.

[Here they double back on themselves (lairs do this). The Delegitimization campaign is now a small ‘d’…and instead of its being a localized effort, which they prominently stated was in just a few key cities, they now call for a global offense. Why the anomaly? They are making an unsuccessful attempt of hanging a grass roots response curtain on this effort when they are obviously tapping into the operating Jewish Lobby hasbara and sayanim network. NGOs, BTW, is codeword for Intelligence fronts. Of the thousands of NGOs out there, only about 60 are UN accredited.]

Our confidence stems not only from a general Jewish community sense that 'we shall overcome,' or from its Israeli sibling of 'it will be okay' (yihiyeh be'seder), but also from our current understanding of the challenge.

The delegitimization campaign is primarily led by a relatively small group of individuals and non-governmental organizations, concentrated in a few major metropolitan areas around the world, that have amplified their influence by disguising their agenda under banners of 'peace,' 'human rights,' and other progressive values. We believe that Israel's delegitimizers are relatively few, concentrated, and vulnerable – therefore, their plans can be disrupted.

[More manipluative framing here. Catch the use of ‘disguising their agenda’. Can you believe that?…Jewish Lobby folks complaining about the tactic of disguising an agenda, when they are the gold standard for doing that? Again they contradict themselves…’ a few major metropolitan areas around the world’, yet they want a global Jewish Jihad against it.

I smell a big fundraising campaign using the tried and true Hebrew tactic of ‘they’re coming to get us and what good will your money do you what you are headed for the ovens’. Also, notice who Jews, few in number, and many of them historically and sincerely involved in 'peace, human rights, and other progressive values'...when someone else does that, it taints them. More Jewish Supremacism here folks. 'When we do it...good. When you do it...bad.' ...JD]

The objective is simple: Delegitimizing delegitimization. In other words, our collective aim should be to strengthen the fundamental legitimacy of the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, where it realizes its right of self-determination, and to render those voices that challenge this right beyond the pale. Naturally, this will not mitigate criticism or controversy surrounding specific Israeli policies, particularly vis-à-vis the Palestinians or its Arab minority.

[Pure stamp of their approval on Jewish Supremacism here again. They are doing the text book PR 101 tactic called ‘pulling a 180’ on your opponents, where like in jujitsu you turn your opponents attack around on them. The goal is to put them on the defensive as in the PR game that puts you half way to winning the war.

But there is just one little problem with their analysis. The Delegitimizers beat them to it. They are already pulling that number on the Zionists, so the Zios are now doing a dance here over what to do with a version of our own tactics being used on us. I use the term version because the US taxpayers to not subsidize the Delegimizers, supply them state of the art military equipment, or share intelligence with them. They also don’t have Rupert Murdoch helping them out.

This paragraph is a dead giveaway to the moral bankruptcy at work here. There is no fundamental right to inflict Crimes Against Humanity. Klu Klux Klan Jews have a huge mental problem understanding that such thinking ‘delegitimizes you’. The incredible irony in all this is that Zionist Jews are the biggest holocaust deniers on the planet. It is their Achilles heel, and one overlooked by many. When they are dishing these Crimes out, it's know...they're Jews...and the rest of us are all supposed to be good little goyim and accept the double standard...or be punished.

I will deal with this in detail in as part of this series, using Zionist confessions, diaries, autobiographies, Israeli archives and their own media (it’s more fun using their own material). And yes….I have video, too. So what the good folks have to do is lay on the Radical Zios that until you give up your Crimes Against Humanity, Israeli will never be legitimate. And I would suggest volunteering to swap places with the Palestinians in the camps for 60 years to help them gain a greater understanding. This ‘internship’ in the camps would also include learning what really being assaulted is like...JD]

This is the context for the centrality of London, which has been referred to as the "Mecca of Delegitimization." Londoners have played a key role in all major recent delegitimization campaigns, including the Durban conferences, the Gaza Flotilla, and the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) Movement. Several attributes, elaborated upon in this document, contribute to London's influence on global delegitimization campaigns.

The purpose of this document is to catalyze a systemic approach in London. Meeting the challenge of Israel's delegitimization requires a loosely coordinated and orchestrated response, sometimes even taking a personal or non-public form. Therefore, all parties will have to leave their comfort zones: Israel will have to let Jewish communities lead the counter-attack in places, such as London, that require nuance and cultural sensitivity; and Jewish institutions will have to allow for innovative thinking, new tools, and aggressive experimentation that usually takes place outside of the established community. All parties will have to come to terms with the idea that it takes 'all instruments in the orchestra' to win this fight. Importantly, critics from the political left, because they represent liberal values, are also an invaluable voice in delegitimizing Israel's delegitimization, notwithstanding their common criticism of the Jewish community's traditional institutions and the policies of the State of Israel.

This document is a 'draft' not only in the traditional sense that we look forward to learning from the feedback that we will receive, but also because we view it as a snapshot of a work-in-progress. The delegitimizers' network is rapidly evolving, and we need to maintain a mode of constant learning and adaptation accordingly. To date, delegitimizers often operated under the radar, and many of their initiatives went uninterrupted and unopposed. Now, as Israel and its allies step up their activity, so will the delegitimizers. In other words, this is a struggle that will require the best of our innovation and creativity for years to come.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesday on KB Show: Jonathan Azaziah takes issue with Jim Dean & Gordon Duff on Libya

Tuesday, Sept. 5th, (noon Eastern) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Guest, Jonathan Azaziah of Jonathan Azaziah, an Iraqi-American Muslim hailing from a partially Jewish ethnic background, is a 9/11 truth supporter and an outspoken critic of Zionism - and of his former Veterans Today editors Gordon Duff and Jim Dean's support for the Libyan uprising! He tells me he quit writing for Veterans Today due to the difference of opinion over Libya. (Note: VT co-editor Jim Dean will be my guest Wednesday, talking about a leaked Zionist document outlining a hasbara smear campaign against Israel's "deligitimizers.")

Jonathan's latest articles on Libya are:

PSYWAR: The Fake Fall Of Tripoli And The Zionist Dragon’s Butchery Across Palestine (Part 1) (Part 2)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Stephen Lendman: My Veterans Today editors are WRONG on Libya!

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 8/31/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Peymon Mottahedeh, Steven Vincent & guest.

Second hour: Stephen Lendman responds to Jim Dean and Gordon Duff, the Veterans Today editors who, almost alone among real alternative media folks, support the Libyan rebels and despise Qaddafi. (Listen to Jim Dean interview on Monday's Truth Jihad Radio.)

One of the things I like about Veterans Today is their willingness to publish views they don't agree with, including Stephen Lendman's work on Libya.

Steve writes:

...the business of America is war, permanent war against humanity by military, financial, political and other means.

As a result, terrorizing and destroying the Libya that was continues, focused heavily on what's called Gaddafi loyalists' last stronghold.

No matter the death, destruction and human misery already caused.

Or that Tripoli residents are now terrorized by a continuing bloodbath. Anyone believed to be pro-Gaddafi is under threat of death.

No matter also that Sirte, a city of 100,000, is being terror bombed relentlessly, perhaps intending to turn it to rubble. It wouldn't be the first time Washington and its Western allies did it. (full article)

And speaking of Veterans Today, the VT crew and I were recently honored by the Defamation League, which regularly issues awards, in the form of defamatory attacks, for outstanding service on behalf of the American, Palestinian and Muslim people, international law, and basic justice and decency. (When the Defamation League defames you, it's a very high honor indeed!) To get a sense of where the Defamation League is coming from, watch the stunningly brilliant Israeli film "Defamation." Norman Finkelstein steals the show, crackling with the electricity of the true prophetic spirit. If Judaism is the religion of the great Hebrew prophets, Finkelstein is the real deal, while Abe Foxman is more in the line of the scumbags and hypocrites who harassed and killed the prophets. Indeed, Foxman with his ridiculous organization defames Judaism in just about everything he says and does. Even a rabid anti-Semite, nay, a drooling genocidal Nazi, could hardly dream up the kind of hideous caricature of the self-obsessed, greedy, groveling, fanatically tribal, unimaginably hypocritical, hilariously egotistical, brutally vengeful, eternally opportunistic, utterly unprincipled putz that Foxman embodies in his very essence.